Now in its 36th year, the Diocesan Catholic Appeal is one of the largest sources of revenue for the Diocese of Lubbock, providing just more than 30% of its operating income. Without the DCA the diocese simply would be unable to continue the ministry of Christ.
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What is the Diocesan Catholic Appeal (DCA)?
The Diocesan Catholic Appeal is a fundraising campaign in which each parish is asked to undertake and invite parishioners to support the operational needs of the larger Church of Lubbock. The Diocesan Catholic Appeal impacts the faith lives of families, individuals, and communities throughout the 25 counties of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock. Close to 137,000 self-identified Catholics live and worship in the diocese.
When was the DCA established?
The Diocesan Catholic Appeal traces its roots to 1981 when most of the diocese was part of the Diocese of Amarillo. Then called the United Catholic Appeal (UCA), the campaign replaced a per capita assessment on each parish. When the Diocese of Lubbock was established in 1983, the Diocesan Catholic Appeal was created, taking many best practices from the UCA.
From what other sources does the diocese receive its income and how is it spent?
The remaining income comes from grants from private foundations, donations from individuals and Catholic organizations, investment income and fees paid for workshops, conferences and training materials.

Our Promise To You!

It is our continuing commitment to you to use all the funds received during the 2019 Appeal to provide these services and meet the needs of the Catholic faithful throughout the 60 parishes of the Diocese of Lubbock.
What amount should I give to the Diocesan Catholic Appeal?
The amount you choose to give to the DCA is a personal decision, made after prayerful discernment. God has given each one of us gifts, graces, talents, and abilities which are to be shared responsibly and wisely with others. All donations are welcome, however, to help you better understand how you can maximize your stewardship efforts, we have attached below a My Catholic Giving Guide to help you figure out how much you should give to the DCA.