Office of the Diaconate

The Office of the Diaconate has the responsibility for post-ordination continuing formation for the ordained permanent deacons and their spouses in human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral areas.

The Director serves as the bishop’s representative in the implementation of the post-ordination path in diaconate formation. He assists the bishop in his supervision of the spiritual and personal welfare of deacons and their families.

The Office of the Diaconate also directs the Diocese of Lubbock‘s Diaconate Formation Program. This is a four and a half-year formation program which includes a discernment or aspirancy year which prepares men -- with the presence and support of their wives, if married -- for ordination to the Order of Deacons and diaconal ministry.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement The Diaconate in the diocese of Lubbock is understood to be an integral part, not a supplementary one, of the ministry of the Diocese of Lubbock and its institutions. The ministry of the permanent deacon represents in a sacramental manner the servant role of the church-at-large, and of the Diocese of Lubbock in particular, according to its multicultural and multilingual expressions. The permanent deacons will express their commitment to the "local church“ and to the other pastoral ministers of the Diocese of Lubbock by collaborating in the common ministry and offering support in the exercise of their own ministry. A deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock will serve at the will of the Bishop according to the pastoral needs of the Diocese. At his address to the permanent deacons of the United States ("The Heart of the Diaconate Servants of the Mysteries of Christ and Servants of Your Brothers and Sisters," Sept. 19, 1987), Pope John Paul II said the permanent deacon's ministry "is the Church's service sacramentalized ... This is at the very heart of the diaconate to which you are called: to be a servant of the mysteries of Christ and, at one and the same time, to be a servant of your brothers and sisters." National Directory n. 287

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Contact information

Deacon Juan Cavazos
Director of Diaconate
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 221 
E-mail: [email protected]

Deacon Robert Lopez
Associate Director

Tricia Vowels
Deacon Wives Coordinator