Cursillos in Christianity (in Spanish: Cursillos de Cristiandad, short course of Christianity) is a ministry that began in the Roman Catholic Church and has since spread to other Christian denominations. It was founded in Majorca, Spain by a group of laymen in 1944, while they were refining a technique to train pilgrimage leaders. It has since been adapted by numerous other Christian denominations, some of which have retained the name "cursillo" while others have given the program a different name. 

The cursillo method focuses on training lay people to become effective leaders over the course of a three-day weekend. The weekend includes fifteen talks, some given by priests and some by lay people. One emphasis of the weekend is on preparing those undergoing it to take the movement's methods back into the world, on what they call the  "fourth day". 


If you are interested in scheduling an Apostolado contact Deacon Joe: (806) 543-5686


Deacon Joe Morin
Spiritual Director for the Cursillo 
Phone: (806) 543-5686

Olga Hernandez
Director of School of Leaders
Phone: (806) 778-0792

Carmen Riviera
Lay Director
Phone: (806) 325-8786

Yolanda Rivera
Pre-Cursillo Chairperson
Phone: (806) 441-4429

Susie Garcia
Post Cursillo Chairperson
Phone: (806) 620-6590

Rosa Garcia
Cursillo Chairperson for Women
Phone: (806) 445-7951

Ramon Ramirez
Cursillo Chairperson for Men
Phone: (806) 438-3781

Joann Ortiz
Phone: (806) 392-5731