The Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit is traveling the Diocese of Lubbock.
The exhibition features the Eucharistic Miracles as chronicled by Blessed Carlo Acutis (1991-2006).

As part of the National Eucharistic Revival, the Exhibit of Eucharistic Miracles is making its way throughout our dioceses. There will be many stops on the way, beginning with the Snyder Deanery. See this awesome display for yourself — no need to travel to the Vatican!

Blessed Carlo Acutis

Blessed Carlo was a teenager from Italy who developed a website dedicated to the documented and scientifically scrutinized occasions when the Holy Eucharist changed in its physical appearance, reminding us that the bread and wine of the Mass truly become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.
This exhibition--created and designed by Blessed Carlo Acutis in 2002-- is made up of photographs and historical records representing the ancient and modern Eucharistic miracles which have taken place around the world.  

What is a Eucharistic Miracle?

Eucharistic miracles are extraordinary events or phenomena, which manifest the Real Presence of Jesus in the consecrated bread and wine in a way that we can discern with our ordinary senses. The manifestation may be as simple as a host floating on air or as astonishing as a host becoming visible human flesh.

Exhibit Location

Saint Theresa, Hale Center
- October 22

Saint Peter, Olton
- October 29 

Immaculate Conception, Muleshoe
- November 5

Saint Mary Magdalen, Earth:
- November 12

Sacred Heart, Littlefield:
- November 19

Saint Philip Neri, Pep:
- November 26



Sacred Heart, Plainview
- December 3

San Jose de Calasanz, Lockney
- December 10 

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Plainview:
- December 17


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Deanery Timelines
July - September: Snyder
October - December: Plainview
January - March: Brownfield
April - June: Lubbock