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Stewardship: A Disciples Response

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Now in its 34th year, the Diocesan Catholic Appeal is one of the largest sources of revenue for the Diocese of Lubbock, providing just more than 22 percent of its operating income. Without the DCA the diocese simply would be unable to continue the ministry of Christ.

What is the Diocesan Catholic Appeal (DCA)?

The Diocesan Catholic Appeal is a fundraising campaign in which each parish is asked to undertake and invite parishioners to support the operational needs of the larger Church of Lubbock. The Diocesan Catholic Appeal impacts the faith lives of families, individuals, and communities throughout the 25 counties of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock. Close to 137,000 self-identified Catholics live and worship in the diocese.

When was the DCA established?
The Diocesan Catholic Appeal traces its roots to 1981 when most of the diocese was part of the Diocese of Amarillo. Then called the United Catholic Appeal (UCA), the campaign replaced a per capita assessment on each parish. When the Diocese of Lubbock was established in 1983, the Diocesan Catholic Appeal was created, taking many best practices from the UCA.

From what other sources does the diocese receive its income and how is it spent?
The remaining income comes from grants from private foundations, donations from individuals and Catholic organizations, investment income and fees paid for workshops, conferences and training materials.
The charts below provide a review of the sources of income the diocese receives toward its approximate $5.927 million annual budget and how those sources are spent to build the Body of Christ throughout West Texas. 

2105-16 Diocese of Lubbock Audited Income The charts at left provide a review of the sources of income the diocese receives toward its approximate $5.07 million annual budget and how those sources are spent to build the Body of Christ throughout West Texas. 

Service social services, family life, jail ministry, marriage tribunal, youth, deacon formation, retreat and conference center 
Worship priest continuing education, seminarians, vocations, worship and liturgical music, clergy 
Word Christian formation, deacon continuing education, Catholic schools, evangelization, communications 
2015-16 Diocese of Lubbock Audited Expenses

How Does The DCA Change Lives?
The Diocesan Catholic Appeal changes lives by providing ministries and services to people throughout the diocese that build on the basic building blocks of our faith. All parishes benefit from the ministries of the Diocesan Catholic Appeal through:
  • Formation and continuing education of Priests, Deacons and Seminarians;
  • Professional Support of our Catechetical programs; including RCIA, Safe Environment, Lay Ecclesial Minister training, Sacramental Preparation and the annual Catechetical and Ministries Conference
  • Diocesan Retreat Centers;
  • Assistance for small, struggling parishes and missions;
  • Workshops to support parish finance and administration, building construction and maintenance, and other topics pertinent to parishes and pastors
Funds from the Diocesan Catholic Appeal provide our priests with continuing education opportunities, retreats, sabbaticals, and opportunities to build fraternity.
  • Diocesan wide Masses and special events, including Rural Life, the Red Mass for peace and justice, the White Mass for the medical community, the Marriage Jubilee celebrating the sacrament of matrimony and the various celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, confirmations, ordinations, Week of Christian Unity, and the annual Catechetical and Ministries Conference;
  • Vocations awareness and discernment opportunities, including Saint Andrew and Fiat Dinners, the Annual Altar Server Recognition Mass, events at parishes, Catholic schools and Campus Ministry, and summer discernment camps for young men and young women
Your support allows our bishop to travel throughout the diocese to be part of parish and diocesan-wide events that celebrate our rich Catholic heritage here on the Llano Estacado.
  • Youth Ministry leader training, Confirmation retreats and special events like the Back-to-School Franciscan Fest and spring Youth Rally
  • Programs that strengthen marriages and families, such as Engaged Encounters, marriage retreats, Retrouvaille©, marriage and family counseling services, divorce, loss and grief support, Natural Family Planning, and summer family camps
  • Catholic communications, including the South Plains Catholic, diocesan web site, video presentations, social media, mass media and others;
Your support allows our bishop to travel throughout the diocese to be part of parish and diocesan-wide events that celebrate our rich Catholic heritage here on the Llano Estacado.
  • Programs that serve our young people, protect the rights of the unborn, support Catholic schools, serve the incarcerated, strengthen marriages and families, advocate for the least among us, and fund the education of seminarians, the care of retired priests and many, many formation programs for our clergy, religious and Catholic laypersons.
Parish leaders, like those shown here at a Diocesan Pastoral Council Meeting, are crucial to the success of the DCA.

I am already giving to my parish, why should I also support the DCA?
Support of your home parish is very important; but, all parishes benefit from the ministries outlined above. Also, your parish is obligated under Canon Law to pay to the diocese the amount of their quota to support the larger Church.
Without your support of the DCA, your parish would be required to pay this amount to the diocese from its weekly collection.

How are parish goals determined?
Every parish is assigned a specific dollar amount as its share of the overall Diocesan Catholic Appeal goal. Parish goals are based on the average assessable income throughout the most recently completed fiscal year. Building fund, fundraisers, all second collections, net religious item sales, school tuition/income are exempt from assessable income.

May I give to the Diocesan Catholic Appeal once a year instead of making payments?
If you prefer to make your gift all at one time, you may do so; however, most people are able to make a larger total gift to the appeal by paying their commitments over twelve months. For example, a $600 commitment may be paid in twelve monthly $50 payments, which may be easier to budget than one lump sum gift. The commitment form lists several options for monthly payment of a DCA gift, including making online payments at www.catholiclubbock.org/DCA.

Why do I receive a statement every month if I make payments by bank draft or credit card?
Regardless of the manner in which you make payments toward your stewardship gift, the Diocesan Catholic Appeal mails or emails (depending on the option you choose on your commitment form) a statement each month. Once your commitment is fulfilled, you will no longer receive a statement in that campaign year. If you remit your payments electronically and want to be sure that your statements are emailed, please check that option on your commitment form or contact the Finance Office at (806)792-3943 or finance@catholiclubbock.org.

Our Promise To You!
In 2015-16, the Diocesan Catholic Appeal raised more than $1.258 million, or 22.31 percent of the income of the Diocese of Lubbock Source: FY16 Audit
These funds were used, without exception, to support the ministries, programs and services to those in need throughout the Church in the 25 counties of the diocese.
It is our continuing commitment to you to use all the funds received during the 2017-18 Appeal to provide these services and meet the needs of the Catholic faithful throughout the 63 parishes of the Diocese of Lubbock.

What amount should I give to the Diocesan Catholic Appeal?
The amount you choose to give to the DCA is a personal decision, made after prayerful discernment. God has given each one of us gifts, graces, talents, and abilities which are to be shared responsibly and wisely with others. You are invited to join with other Catholics in the diocese in support of this appeal from your bishop. As we say “Take Lord, Receive,” we say that stewardship is more than performing occasional acts of charity and service. It is a holy way of life, a commitment to giving our time, talent and treasure in thanksgiving for all the blessings we have received.

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